Thursday, May 14, 2009

River Rat + five pokes

I got a second job. But it's more like Michelle gets to play outside all summer instead of washing dishes at Brown Brothers... although I'll still be doing a bit of that. I am working for High Country Rafting as a river guide!! Which means that I will get to take people down the Provo river in rafts and kayaks and get sweet chaco lines. What could be better than that? I walked into the information meeting and gazed around at all the boys with long hair, hemp bracelets, chacos, and bandanas and got really excited. It reminded me of all the times Erin and I talked about going granola and becoming river women. Living the dream, only minus Erin. In addition to learning to tame the Provo river (haha, ahem...) to gain some experience, the crew will be taking trips to run a few additional rivers including the colorado in Moab in two weeks. I'm pumped. Seriously.
Mission news: I've had four shots and one finger prick in the past three days. We are getting very close now!


Amy said...

What a great job!!! I am green with envy!

Ardently said...

living the dream minus erin? false. living the dream minus a HUSBAND.


Michelle said...

What I meant was living Erin and my dream of being granola river women together... not forever. :)

Ardently said...

i hope it didn't come off that way. you know i love you. i just hope you know that there are much better companions than erin out there for you. and yes, companionS because pretty soon you'll have a plethora.

for you.

love from da city

Lon and Brooke said...

wahoo!! You granola you! I love it! When do you have time for lunch... minus Ruby? Sorry she is too busy these days! ya know she is a big one year old now!Text or call!! love ya