Friday, September 18, 2009

The drop off, the tears, the editor

Dear fans of Michelle (heretofore referred to as "the Hermana"),

She's in. We dropped her off at approximately 12:25 pm after a breakfast which we all ate and the Hermana mostly scooted around her plate. (She kept telling us that she wasn't nervous, but somehow we got the impression that she was...)

She was happy and anxious to get in there! Typical of Michelle there weren't too many tears (this is all second hand, I wasn't actually there). The morning seemed blanketed with a feeling of excitement.

The Hermana has given me, her sister (heretofore referred to as the Editor), the privilege of posting her letters and pictures and keeping you, her fans, in the loop.

Her current address will be updated on the sidebar (and this will be her current address for the next nine weeks).

Thanks so much for your love and support for the Hermana.

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