Thursday, October 8, 2009

A small update on the Hermana

Dear Parents and Loved Ones:

Your missionary arrived "safe and sound" last night (Tuesday) ---and was involved all morning today at the MTC here in Guatemala --- in orientation for their next phase of training. They finally got into the classroom in the afternoon and have started learning more Spanish & teachings from Preach My Gospel. I've attached a photo of them out in front of the flags in the entry of the MTC here in Guatemala.

You are no doubt very proud of your missionary. You should be! This is a very good group of 20 new missionaries who join another extraordinary group of 22 North Americans who are in their final three weeks PLUS 42 missionaries from Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize, Chile, Panama, and other Latin American countries who will be here at the MTC for the next three weeks .

Your missionary has Preparation Day on Tuesdays and will be writing to you then. I know that your support through letters and emails bless your 'missionary' a lot --- and will be greatly appreciated. In addition to email, you may choose to send letters as well through the pouch according to the instructions received in the call packet of your missionary.

Pouch Address:

Guatemala MTC
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0150

For the next several weeks you can ALSO send letters, packages, or other mail to your missionary at the following address:

---Name of your Missionary---
Centro de Capacitation Misional
Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-71, Zona 15
Vista Hermosa 1 C.P. 01015
Guatemala Ciudad, Guatemala C.A.

I recommend that you write your missionary at this address for only a short time---and not send anything to the above address after November 7th. Anything you send after that date should be addressed to his/her mission address. Otherwise, there can be significant delay in them getting their mail because of the time it takes to forward the or have the missions drop by at their convenience and pick up and distribute mail to missionaries all over the mission. You can use regular US International Mail Service or Federal Express.

I also invite you to go to our personal website at:

When you get to the site, click on "Guatemala MTC." You can then browse around or take a tour of the MTC. Within a few weeks you may find your missionary in one or more of the pictures. ENJOY!!!

Thanks again for your missionary!!! We come to love these missionaries a great deal and appreciate you lending them to the Lord for this season of their lives.

President David A. Christensen

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