Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letter #30 - April 19, 2010

Wow, thanks for the great email this week.

I am so excited for and proud of you Daddy. Thanks for sharing your experience with me about being ordained. The priesthood is so amazing to me and its power is real and all encompassing. You are going to bless that ward and those students so much! And what an exciting and changing time for the family. I wish I could be there and be here at the same time.

Well the sun is starting to shine in Provo and the rain is starting to fall in Nicaragua. It's pretty crazy hearing it pelt the tin roofs here. You can barely hear each other talk and the dirt roads turn into muddy rivers. Lucky Hna. Bustillos left her big rubber boots for me to use for the next few months. Which brings me to the departure of Hna. Bustillos and Hna. Aguilar. They are both home in their houses as I write this. How weird to think about. I miss them already. It was really hard to say goodbye to them, not knowing when will be the next time I'll see them. I learned so much from those hermanas. I want to be like them in so many ways. But I am excited to finish out this change with just the two of us still here, me and Hna. Juárez. She is awesome. Yesterday she committed two people to a baptismal date in two different contacts. Salvaje, I have to learn how to do that. She also goes home in just two weeks. Well, really there isn't a whole lot to say this week. We had the conferencia multi-zona this week and it was really good. Pres. Fraatz talked a lot about our goals for the future, here in the mission and also in life. It made me want to work harder and especially to work with more faith, knowing that I really can meet the high expectations and goals placed upon me.

Sometimes the council we receive from our leaders seems illogical or too difficult to follow with exactness, but I am learning to have more faith and not to question. This is the Lord's work, He is in charge and it is He who will provide the way. All we have to do is trust in Him with our whole heart and soul and give everything we have to His marvellous work. Wow, time is up and I wanted to write back to you all. Sorry Ali and Sam in particular. You will hear individually from me next week. I promise. That's so great that you saw Maclaine, Mom. I wish I had her email so that I could write to her. Well, loves, until next week.

And I can't believe that I in just a few weeks I get to hear all your voices again. !Que rapido¡

Being a missionary is the best thing in the world - obedience for eternity.

Love, Hna.Crosland

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