Monday, November 15, 2010

Letter #59 - November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween yesterday!

They don't do anything here for Halloween because the Evangelicos put up a big fuss about it. They think it's all satanic, so everything was pretty uneventful. Today I want to tell you a little bit about Holman and Fatima.

They are a young couple that we contacted about a month ago. We are preparing Holman to be baptized this weekend. Fatima is a little more hesitant, is more "catholic", and has a lot of wounds that need to heal, but she is coming along. Right now they are separated because of some problems they had, but Hna. Cano and I are hoping the with a bit more time and the help of the gospel, they will get back together. They have a darling little girl who's about 18 months old.

Holman has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and we have had some powerful lessons with him. We let the spirit guide us and ask the questions that just open him up. He told us his principle doubts about the BOM that we could resolve and also about a couple of interesting experiences. He saw a woman at work pass by carrying a bible a few months ago and it made him feel really bad because he had left the church he was attending and hadn't been reading the bible. It made him evaluate his life in the moment, but then he forget all about the experience. The night that we contacted him and Fatima, he remembered the experience and that is why he accepted the invitation of an appointment. He also told us about the first time he really felt the spirit while reading the bible, when the words really touched his soul. I promised him that he would have that same feeling again as he read the Book of Mormon and he really has been reading it. At the end of the lesson he said he felt like a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. So cool. He always has a bunch of good questions about what he has been reading. Tonight we are going to go teach them both about the plan of salvation. I'm excited. Pray for him to be able to get baptized this weekend.

We've also had a couple really great lessons with Fatima and she has really opened up and told us about a lot of her problems. That we really know what to focus on when we teach her and the spirit is there to touch her heart.

Well, I love and miss you all.

Being a missionary is the best thing in the world - better than peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream (thanks for that craving Paige... )

Love, Hna Crosland

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