Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wasted Time

Clever title, no?

Since seven o'clock this evening I have done nothing but waste time...
- watched American Idol. entertaining? yes. good use of my time? no.
- turned on my hair straightener. is my hair any straighter than when I turned it on 3.5 hours ago? no.
- watched the news. informative? not really. trance inducing? yes.
- read blogs. did I laugh? yes indeed.
- tried to figure out how to embed a playlist. playlist embedded? check. is it where I wanted it? no. did it have to take me 1.5 hous? i think not.

Here are the things I wish I would have done with my time instead...
+ studied for Spanish (which I love).
+ dove deeply into my scriptures (because I need to every day).
+ learned a new song on the guitar (with which to serenade ashton).
+ found batteries for my calculator (which has been dead for two days causing countless problems in my life).
+ purchased milk (so that I can have a banana shake for breakfast tomorrow).
+ gone to sleep by eleven (um... why is it I'm still awake?).

But in my defense, I did do a few good things today...
~ went to all of my classes (including the dreaded stats lab).
~ did not fall asleep in any of my classes (not even in fluid mechanics).
~ aced my oral Spanish test (without even studying).
~ gave a friend in need a ride home (because I love her).
~ took my little sister dress shopping for prom(we had little success however).
~ let Papa Bear borrow my car (which he filled with gasoline - thanks daddy!).

With approximately three weeks of school left in the semester, I am really struggling to find the motivation to put my energy toward studying. It's nearly impossible for me to be productive after five o'clock if I'm not working on homework with other people. This has got to change... Well "tomorrow is another day!"


Ardently said...


you did everything you needed to plus some and stayed on campus for a very long time. you deserved the break love ;)

Lon and Brooke said...

oh darling... you are too hard on yourself! You need to enjoy life sometimes! In fact I think you expect way too much of yourself! Just do your best! love ya!