Thursday, June 18, 2009

Called to Serve

I have been called to serve in the Managua, Nicaragua mission for 18 months. I report to the Provo MTC on September 16. It is really difficult to put all my feelings into words. There isn't a word to describe the amount of excitement I feel. There isn't a way to describe how right this is. There isn't a way to express all of my hopes and desires for my life in the next two years. But I will say that I know the Lord opened up a way for me to serve a mission and that the perfect time to go was now. I can't wait to get to Nicaragua! I can't find enough information or pictures about the country and the Managua mission to satisfy me and I just want to be there, but I know I have a lot to do before September 16th. I can't wait to learn and grow in ways I never thought of before and to wear myself out finding ways to bless the lives of the Nicaraguan people. I can't comprehend all the ways in which this experience will challenge me and push me to my limits. I know it will be hard. However I also know in whom I put my faith, the One who leads this work. These words express my feelings better than I can, they sink in deep and resonate with me:

"You are called to represent the Savior. Your voice to testify becomes the same as His voice, your hands to lift the same as His hands. His work is to bless His Father's spirit children with the opportunity to choose eternal life. So, your calling is to bless lives. .

"Your call has eternal consequences for others and for you. In the world to come, thousands may call your name blessed, even more than the people you serve here. They will be the ancestors and the descendants of those who chose eternal life because of something you said or did, or even what you were. . .You see, there are no small callings to represent the Lord."

Okay. Here are some photos of Nicaragua!

This is the flag of Nicaragua

The Managua mission covers all of Nicaragua

This is my mission president and his wife, President and Sister Fraatz

Some darling girls after a daily downpour (rainy season) in the city of San Carlos

Beautiful Nicaraguan children

Colonial buildings in the city of Granada

The road from Juigalpa to Managua

A beautiful beach on the west coast of Nicaragua (which I will most likely never see)

Taking a nap - how cute is that?

The Old Cathedral in Managua

My future in Nicaragua?


Anne said...

I am so happy for you and proud to be your momma. I love you

Anonymous said...

Wow! Cool!!! I love central America!!! You will love it. Your pictures remind me of Venezuela.

Ahhhh... I miss it so much. You are so lucky.

hanna anderson said...

oh michelle i will sure miss you :(! anyway good luck and i love you lots!

Lindsey said...

WOW! I never saw that one coming. I would be terrified. Sorry -I know that is not a ringing endorsement. But it is really cool too. You will be great!

Lon and Brooke said...

Oh my heavens!! I am so thrilled for you!(gosh you are cute...those pics of you are killer!! yep, I have decided to name you the hottest sister missionary EVER!! You better stay away from those dumb 19 year olds! haha) Anyhow back on subject.... I am so excited for you and cant wait to give you a hug!

Vince and Katie Morgan said...

that is absolutely fabulous! you will be one great missionary. CONGRATS!