Monday, August 2, 2010

Letter #46 - August 2, 2010

So this week flew by.

We actually had to move to a different house because our contract ended and since the changes are so soon, the APs told us not to renew it and just to move in with the hermanas of a near by area. So we have to take the bus to work in our area each morning but it's not to bad. I've started contacting the buses. We ask the driver if we can make an invitation to the bus and then stand up at the front (trying not to fall over) and introduce ourselves, teach a principle from one of the lessons really quickly or tell them about the book of mormon and invite everyone to church. It's pretty fun.

We're still working with Shilo and José. She came to church today but he couldn't come. We had a really good lesson with them this week though and brother and sister Medina came with us. Tonight we're going to set a wedding date with them. I hope it goes over okay. We're also working with Coco, but I'm a little disappointed. She kicked her husband out of the house because he's been cheating on her for years and opened up and a little "restaurant", (really just serving food from her house) and took over his little store. She owned the space, just had to buy all her own products to sell.

Well, last week, before she actually opened we took advantage of the opportunity to teach her really frankly about keeping the sabbath day holy and also found out that she was planning to sell alcohol in her food joint as well. So we really urged her not to do that and explained what the consequences would be if she started selling alcohol and how important it is to have the spirit dwell in your home. We committed her to close on Sundays and she said she would pray about selling beer. But we went by yesterday morning and everything was open and her restaurant is more like a bar. I'm pretty sad. But we're going to try again. I know if she can get started out right with this new phase in her life, the Lord with really bless her.

Being a missionary is the best thing in the world - fighting on the Lord's team, you can never lose.

Well I love you all mucho mucho mucho.

Love, Hna. Crosland

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