Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Letter #47, August 9, 2010

Hey ya'll,

Funny that you asked if it is still rainy season because it was pouring and thundering just before we came to write. The good thing is that when it really rains hard, it only lasts for about 15 minutes. Sometimes it rains off and on all day though. I still haven't bought another umbrella yet. But we're usually pretty lucky and in a house when the rain comes. I've only gotten really drenched a few times. Apparently the really rainy month is October so we've still got a while.

Changes are a week from Wednesday and I can't believe how fast this change went.

I wish I could tell you that wedding bells were ringing for Shilo and Jose but they just don't love each other and there are some really deep wounds that just can't be healed in a matter of weeks. However, their daughter and son-in-law who are actually married came to church this week and are really positive. Their names are Mijaly and Yolanda. I don't know if I already told you about them. They are awesome. We also had a baptism this week!!! Her name is Bernarda and was actually an investigator of the elders. But, big news, they took the elders out of the area so now we have the whole of Ciudad Jardin to ourselves. That is a bit challenging because this area is huge and there are a couple of neighborhoods that are pretty dangerous.

One of them is called Jorge Dimitrov which is where Bernarda lives. She also has a high risk blood clot (thrombosis?) that keeps her from being able to walk. So we had to find her a wheelchair to baptize her and take it to her house. She is a really cool lady though and everything went really well for her baptism. At first we put a chair in the font so she could sit, but her leg kept coming up out of the water. So we took it out. I was nervous that she would freak out a bit but she seemed way comfortable in the water, just kind of floatin' around and feeling fine. Elder Ball, our district leader, baptized her and she was confirmed yesterday. Awesome. We also have Coco planned for baptism this week. I am a little worried about that one but we are going to work hard with her this week.

We moved into the elders house since they got taken out of the area, so now we don't have to ride the bus each day. It's been a bit of a crazy few weeks with all the changes but the Lord is really blessing us. We had a great attendance and 12 investigators at church this week. OH, and... I got a totally latina hair cut. I wasn't going to cut my hair on the mission but Hna. Medina's brother Paco cuts hair (he also sells make-up, sews, is thirty and single... ) and he was at the house and offered to do it. So I let him at it. I now have some drastic layers, but it actually doestn't look bad and I just put it in a pony tail anyway. Haha. Well my time is done. I wish I had more time to write you all individually.

To my dear baby brother - thank you from the bottom of my heart for the lovely email you wrote me. I'll write back just to you next week. I promise.

I also got Ashton's wedding announcement and a letter from Brookie Keith.

A big shout out to everyone.

Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Being a missionary is the best thing in the world - the Lord truly watches out for us.

Love, Hna. Crosland

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