Saturday, February 21, 2009

Attack of the Clones

The weirdest thing just happened. I was sending an email, but didn't know the address of the person I was sending it to, so I was trying to figure out how to pull up my contacts list. Now, I know that I should already know how to find my contact list from the compose message page, and I also know that I could have just started typing their name and a list of possible matches would have popped up. But for some reason I was feeling curious and when I saw the little button on the top right hand side of the address bar, I decided to push it and see what happened...
The next thing I know, a new gmail window is popping up.

Side note: For anyone who has ever used Grandma's computer, you know how incredibly slow it is. I have developed a kind of patience I never knew existed before I started using this computer by finding new ways to entertain myself while waiting endlessly for the internet to work.

As I'm waiting for this new window to load, I see two more windows pop up on the start bar at the bottom of the screen and start flashing orange. Curious, no? Then to my utter amazement I notice that the number of new gmail windows has multiplied to six. Starting to get really weird. So I start clicking red X's in an attempt to get rid of a few extraneous windows, but before my efforts amount to anything, the flashing orange number is now 10, then 13, then 15 and 16. I'm now wondering what kind of evil virus I've unleashed on Grandma's computer by gently clicking a mysterious gmail button. Then a stroke of genius hits me. I pull up the task bar and select all of the internet explorer pages and kill them with the "end task" weapon. After doing that a few times, the chaos subsides and my windows stop reproducing and everything is still...

Very strange indeed.

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