Monday, February 2, 2009

To blog or not to blog...

1) I don't really have time to do this and do it well... but why do I feel so compelled to do everything "well"? And how exactly does one blog well?

2) I care too much about what other people think... but I don't want to blog for other people, I want to do it for me. Isn't that what a jounal is for though?

3) This will keep me from doing things that are more important... like doing my homework. But is getting a coveted "A" really more important than documenting my life in a way that captures different aspects than journaling does?

4) I have more alone time than I have ever had in my life and this just might be a great way to further get in touch with myself... and keep me occupied when I wish someone (or anyone) was sitting next to me.

Well, posts might be few and far between but I want to write so the verdict is in. I will seriously begin to blog. Yikes.

(The sun is still shining)


Jen said...

Here's the funny thing about blogging. The simple fact that we allow our thoughts and ideas, no matter how seemingly public, to be read and analyzed in such an intensely exposing way means we are in fact doing it for others.

But there's also satisfaction that comes from knowing you are writing something that SOMEONE might care to read. Even if it's just your dad.

It's kind of like PostSecret. This idea that you could indeed journal it privately (which I do often), but when you feel comfortable enough to come forward with something to the whole world, baring your soul suddenly becomes exhilarating and wonderful.

Ultimately I blog because I enjoy writing and I love having a place where I can practice out what I hope will be my future profession.

You're wonderful, I care about what you write. So keep doing it.

Linae said...

you write beautifully, michelle. don't feel urged to write for others - the best posts are usually the ones you write for noone but yourself. i like you blog and enjoy getting an insight on your thoughts. because you are wonderful.