Friday, February 20, 2009


This morning I had one of those transcendent experiences that break through the haze and give a more perfect view of life. It was less like seeing something new and previously undiscovered and more like remembering something from a long time ago, something that I couldn't quite fully bring to mind but that I knew was familiar.

The Draper temple feels like home. Not necessarily like my chilly basement abode, but like a place of safety, comfort, and peace. As I walked from room to room, my eyes were continually drawn to the lights, beautiful chandeliers and fixtures that sparkled with brilliance, bringing to mind the One who is Light. The imported African cherry wood throughout the temple gave it warmth and richness. Sego lilies made a interesting motif that could be found on the walls and ceilings and even in the carpet of one room and served as a reminder of our beautiful state and the heritage of the church in Zion.

My favorite rooms were the ordinance rooms with the beautiful murals and the celestial room. Being surrounded on all four sides with a continuous mural of stunning mountains or golden aspens is the coolest sensation. It was like looking into another world, one I might have been able to walk right into if only I were a bit more ethereal. It made me marvel at how beautiful our world is and what love our Heavenly Father has to create such a breathtaking place for us to live. But it was in the celestial room that the spirit touched me the strongest. As I gazed upward and got lost in the beauty of that room, I had such an intense longing to be with my Heavenly Father and to stay there forever. I didn't want to leave. "Please let me stay here with You," I thought, knowing that in a just a few minutes I would have to walk away. And then the most reassuring feeling came over me. The words were unclear but the message was sure, "Lovely daughter of mine, you cannot stay here in this room for there is much work for you to do. Go back and do your best, take me with you always and then in due time, you may stay with me forever." I left feeling fortified with a heart more tender, a view more clear, and a love more deep.

We cannot sit and bask in eternal light, hoping to become eternal ourselves. There is work to be done. Eternal progress is made by those who keep that glowing light bright in their minds and in their hearts while their hands are callused and their bodies ache from laboring for the Lord. We must live and work in the world where things do not always seem bright and obstacles may look insurmountable. But I know that as we keep doing our best to lift each other and grow closer to our Savior, our hearts will be knit together and we will soon be able to stay with Him forever.

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