Monday, February 9, 2009

Prince Charming

Have you ever known a boy who is nearly perfect for you in every way except one... and that is you can't stand him?

Okay, can't stand him is a bit harsh, but seriosly - try 6'2 with dreamy blue eyes, dark hair and a gorgeous smile, ambitious, smart, outdoorsy, musical, and with a heart of pure gold. Add to that list the fact that he has seen me in all sorts of sour moods and still adores me, would probably take me to the temple right now if I said I'd give it a go. He's just right except that there is absolutely no chemistry.

I feel like Giselle probably did when she realized that her prince charming just didn't quite do it for her. He was everything she always thought she wanted but when it came right down to it, although he fit all the criteria, the chemistry was missing.

This whole dating thing can be really rough. I'm throwing all lists of criteria out the window. All I want is a boy who excites me and inspires me. Everything else will just be a nice perk. We will learn to be perfect for each other together and continue until we're wrinkled and grey to find new ways to complete one another.

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rachel ilene said...

update your blog so I can read it! :-)